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Do you pick up blue items?

Do you pick up blue items? : #1
General Discussion : #77
31/5/2013 à 17:41

I almost never intentionally pick up blues on my normal characters unless I'm going back to town and I have inventory space, but I always pick them up when I'm soloing on my Hardcore characters.

My general rule for looting during group play is to simulate whatever they're doing. If they are frequently going back to town, then it's probably a good idea to grab blues, but if they want to spend as much time in the field as possible, then I get more selective about what I pick up.

Do you pick up blue items? : #1
General Discussion : #95
3/6/2013 à 21:59

Over the weekend I had one of those rare instances that I picked up a blue item and kept it. I found my second Rakinishu's Blade, and this time I didn't accidentally salvage it!

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