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Dyes on legendaries

Dyes on legendaries : #1
General Discussion : #2
18/1/2013 à 23:11

We're working on getting Vanishing Dyes for Legendary items into 1.0.7. We intend for them to have the same slot restrictions as dyes traditionally have, so you'll be able to use Vanishing Dye on say, your Legendary shoulders or helmet, but not items such as your weapons.

We hope this change will be available for testing on the PTR in a future build, but that may not possible. We'll keep you updated. :)

Dyes on legendaries : #1
General Discussion : #21
18/1/2013 à 23:32

01/18/2013 02:16 PMPosted by Fearophobias

Nice - applies to COLOUR DIES TOO PLEASE

I'm sure adding color to every legendary skin would take time. Vanishing dye at least would be a lot easier to do which is why it would be able to make it into 1.07. They will do color in the long run though I'm sure.

We're definitely working on making all dyes work for Legendary items. It's not a quick-fix, though; as Fearophobias surmised, our artists actually need to go back and redo the textures on all the Legendaries in order to make them dye-compatible.

Since we know this process will take some time, we wanted to make sure that players could at least use Vanishing Dye for now (it was the most-requested dye for Legendaries that we've seen to date).

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