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Do I need the mobile authenticator?

Do I need the mobile authenticator? : #1
General Discussion : #3
18/1/2013 à 20:40

(Do I need the mobile authenticator) Or any other security options?

Ultimately, this is a decision that only you can make. The Authenticator is not required, but we highly recommend its use as it adds an additional layer of security to your account.

01/18/2013 07:58 AMPosted by NINFIN

Last thing, if I were to lose my phone, what would happen, or what if I moved computers?

If you move computers with an Authenticator on your account, the only difference you may experience is you'll be required enter your Authenticator key when you log into your account for the first time on a new computer. If you lose your phone, there are a couple different methods in which you can remove the Mobile Authenticator; you can contact Customer Service, or remove it using the Battle.net SMS Protect feature. Battle.net SMS Protect is a free service that will allow you to easily remove your Battle.net Authenticator using text message verification (SMS), so we recommend signing up when using an Authenticator. For more information on how to Add and Remove an Authenticator, click here.

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