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hostile forum community

hostile forum community : #1
General : #30
18/1/2013 à 19:58

We're actually really keen to stomp out mean behaviour here, and while we do have a hands-on approach with moderating the forums, bad posts will unfortunately sometimes fly under the radar, especially if people don't report them.

One of the first things we lay down in the forum Code of Conduct is that we expect everyone to be civil?we want the forums to be a nice place to visit, and we want people to feel like they can ask about anything game-related, even if they think it may seem like a silly question. We really don't like to see harsh reactions and bullying take place, and we will take action when we come across it.

So, to be doubly sure there's a minimum of this going on, please report bad behaviour whenever you see it here on the forums (and in-game of course).

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