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What Diablo item would you want to have IRL?

What Diablo item would you want to have IRL? : #1
General Discussion : #1
5/1/2013 à 0:13

Over the passing months we've enjoyed exploring the community's creative side by asking questions such as ?What do you think your hero's favorite song is?? and ?Where would you go on vacation in Sanctuary?? on Facebook and Twitter, and now we'd like to bring you this week's question here on the forums. :)

?What item from Diablo III would you want to have in real life??

So far our Diablo Facebook and Diablo Twitter accounts have been lighting up with responses such as:

@Radditzgt - ?I want the "Cluckeye". It would provide an unlimited source of entertainment. And food.?
@NateTheRed - ?Easy. The Collector's Edition Wings :P?
@BinaryMuse - ?Definitely the Town Portal! Would make getting to work and back every day oh so easy!?
@Denis Bohnsack - ?goldskin ^^?

But what say you? What single item from the world of Diablo III would you want to covet as your own in real life? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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