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Battle.net Forum Open!

Battle.net Forum Open! : #1
General Discussion : #13
3/1/2013 à 20:09

GLHF, you guys!

Friendly custom games, *wink* : #1
General Discussion : #43
5/1/2013 à 1:29

Unfortunatly, we have been asked for license which we do not have.

I had hoped since there was no actual prize and this was just a fun event that this would not be the case, I fear that it will need to be cancelled unless someone else can host it.

I apologize for getting everyone's hopes up, but we will still be doing something, it just isnt a tournament, but multiple 1v1 custom games where the loser of the game doesnt play the next game, but instead the winner plays the next game.

Hey Magma, did you fill out the tournament request form?


Just wondering because we of the Bacon Community have held many tournaments without trouble (from Blizzard). We even had one with a small cash prize.

If you submit the tournament request form relatively soon, our eSports team will get the event licensed ASAP!

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