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Hearthstone Beta Test Opt-In Update

Hearthstone Beta Test Opt-In Update : #1
General Closed Beta Discussion : #1
25/10/2013 à 20:03

There's been a tremendous interest in Hearthstone - more than we could have ever anticipated! Beta keys have been primarily given out via opt-ins, and we have supplemented our opt-in keys with additional giveaways from supportive fansites, press, bloggers, and broadcasters to give you an idea of who to go to for additional, fun Hearthstone content in the future. However, we understand that there are many players still waiting for their chance to try the game; we know that waiting can be frustrating, and we thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, we wanted to update everyone that we have been aggressively increasing both the frequency and the quantity of our beta invites and we intend to invite every player that has opted-in to the Hearthstone beta into the Closed Beta Test before the game goes into open beta. Remember though, this is closed beta: You've seen that we're still working on plucking out the pesky sprites, stabilizing the servers and implementing interesting incentives to keep Hearthstone an amazing experience that you want to keep coming back to. We're going to be adding more and more people into the closed beta as we continue working on the aforementioned issues, and we will be working hard to get everyone that has opted-in into the Hearthstone Closed Beta Test soon.

Haven't opted-in to the Hearthstone beta? Click here!

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